Traditionally, Sundays have been my yoga days.  Yeah, I know, yoga doesn’t sound very Spartanish.  The truth is I don’t like yoga very much, but I like what it does for my body.  I have always, let me repeat this, always been unflexible.  I don’t ever recall being able to touch my toes, even as a kid.  I still can’t touch my toes, but I’m more flexible than when I started so it is helping.  I do yoga primarily to prevent injury and to help me perform better in other workouts.

On this short timetable to get ready for the Beast, I knew I needed to do something else.  This is a prime example of how I’m struggling with wanting to work harder, but also not overtrain.  I searched through the Spartan Workouts of the Day (WOD and found one to modify.  I started the workout with a one mile jog.  Then I did a 30 second hill sprint at full speed.  Then 150 lunges. Then 2 more 30 second hill sprints with a 30 second break in between.  I finished the last 1/2 mile running intervals.  After a very brief cooldown, I did the Patience Hummingbird routine by Tony Horton.  This yoga set is about 40 minutes and has an emphasis on holding poses longer.  For the first time ever, I came close to enjoying yoga.  After that run, it felt good to get in those extended stretches.  That satisfied me and I rested peacefully during church.