Sunday means yoga day for me. Just something that I feel I need to do to increase flexibility and prevent injury. That’s not enough for my accelerated Beast training, so I was able to get in 2 more workouts throughout the day. 1 planned, 1 not. I’m trying to get in as much time as possible at the pool to aid me in overcoming my fear of swimming. Well, I don’t fear swimming as much as I fear sinking and staying sunk. I can actually swim a little now, not great but I can do it. I still don’t have the whole breathing thing down and I’m not comfortable without goggles and nose clips, but it’s still positive progress. My unplanned workout was after a late night dinner (late for me at least) with my work colleagues and family. The dinner ended way, way after my and my daughter’s bedtime, so you can guess what that meant. I was given the wonderful opportunity to carry a 52 pound sleeping 6-year old girl back to the hotel. Distance: .66 miles. By the time I put her down in the room, my shoulders and legs were starting to scream. I will say this though, I got more satisfaction from carrying her than from carrying my gnarly log around the neighborhood.