I wasn’t planning on writing about the Beast until I returned home, primarily because I don’t like typing long passages on the iPad. However, I’m kicked back at the Snowed Inn, recovering while watching it rain. The circumstances are perfect for contemplating the culmination (it probably won’t end here) of my training. I’ll begin the tale with breakfast yesterday at the inn with 5 or 6 other racers. It was somewhat comforting listening to the trepidation of others, but that was offset by the harrowing tales of previous Spartan Races….and this was the Beast!

I wished them all luck and made the short drive to Snowshed Base. The sights and sounds were all-consuming. There were people from all over, conversing in a variety of languages, getting ready for their heats. Mostly it was people taking pictures and marking their bib numbers all over their bodies with sharpies. The bibs take a lot of abuse (as you’ll see in a future post), so you have to write it everywhere. I still have 19820 on my left leg, even after 2 showers.

There was a plethora of extremely fit individuals there…making me really wonder how I would fare against them. The atmosphere was electric with the buzz of the crowd, the music, and the MC outfitted in full Spartan Warrior attire. My anticipation to start was almost unbearable. When my heat started at 10:30, the ‘real’ heat started as the sun came out in full effect. However, it was still much cooler than the Kentucky, Texas, and Mississipi heat I had trained in the last few weeks. The race started with a quick run up a hill and over a fire. It wasn’t the easiest jump because the flames were freshly stoked and it was an uphill leap. I think back to that start and realize now that I was so dialed in to the race that I don’t remember even having people around me.

Enough for now. It has stopped raining so I’m going out to enjoy Vermont.