Jeff Cain personalized hoodieIt’s the baddest article of clothing I own.  A blue hoodie with the 2012 Spartan Ultra Beast finisher shirt fashioned on the hood.  The creepy rendition of Lazarus Lake from my Barkley Fall Classic shirt gracing the front.  A patch from the OCR World Championships and an embroidered For Those Who Would logo on the sleeve. Remnants of the finisher shirt from the inaugural Vermont Spartan Beast on the other.

This hoodie is like none other on the planet and it was created by a clothing artist (prounounced ar-TEEST).  I would say that Daniel Liszewski is the Ralph Lauren or Tommy Hilfiger of the OCR fashion world, but producing garments for the masses is not his thing.  In a world of homogeneity, Daniel Liszewski stands out as a clothing maestro, creating memorable one-of-a-kind items that have individualized personality, not blind uniformity.

The hoodie that started it all

Thirty7s, was created from a whimsical personal project in 2013, when Daniel decided to sew pieces of Spartan Race shirts he had collected throughout the year onto a black hoodie.  While being worn at his next race, the personalized hoodie was seen by KK Stewart who wanted one of her own, and then a request from Laura Messner, and then another, and another.  His eye-catching productions have a distinct style and flair from which it is hard to turn away.

If I have unearthed your desire for a personalized hoodie, let me briefly explain how it works.  Daniel communicates with each individual customer to create a style that s/he likes.  I mailed him the hoodie and the articles of clothing I wanted to include and through a little back and forth email conversation, he developed a design that I immediately fell in love with. While he has other articles of clothing for sale on his website, the hoodies are unique to the customer. The reason why my hoodie is so valuable to me is that it is one-of-a-kind – crafted of shirts from some of the most iconic events in adventure and obstacle racing.  While OCR is his love and the centerpiece of his business, Daniel will design hoodies of all different genres.  The possibilities are endless and you can’t stop the artist in him!

The name: Thirty7s.  Where did it come from? I will let you ask Daniel personally when you place your order.

Thirty7s Custom Apparel can be found on the interwebs, Facebook, and Instagram.