I’ve recently come to a point that all athletes and competitors face at some point in time and that is injury. I have a possible slight stress fracture on my left foot, in addition to a strained muscle in my left arm/shoulder. On a positive note, the right side of my body is great! Fortunately, neither of the injuries are that bad, but it has me re-thinking and revising my training. I want to these injuries to heal immediately and not linger and potentially worsen over time. For the next 2 weeks there will be no running or plyometrics to give me foot a chance to heal. As far as weight-bearing activities go, I’m in a recovery week so I will not be lifting or doing pull-ups for the next 6 or 7 days. I’m hoping that will be enough to take care of the strain.

In the meantime, I’m left with a few options. I’ll ride my bike to get some cardio in. The Warrior Dash in Tennessee will be the next time that I run and will be a test for my foot. I really don’t like eliminating plyometrics, Insanity, & Asylum on the days leading up to the race, but it’s a sacrifice I need to make for long term performance. Aside from bike riding, I will be concentrating on my core and flexibility. Flexibility I need in the worst of ways so this could turn out to be a positive for me. I don’t really like yoga, but I like what it does for me so I’m going to get more than my fair share of it the next 2 weeks. My core has gradually gotten stronger over time, but I’ll use this time to work on my form. Finally, I should still be able to work my leg muscles as long as the workouts aren’t straining my foot. I sense a lot of squats in my future, and maybe I’ll bring out my new sandbag. The cat is out of the bag now. Yes, I have a new sandbag! It does not have a name yet, but he will soon be introduced.

The lesson of all this is that even with injury, you don’t have to stop training. There are many different bodily functions that contribute to performance, so even if one or two parts are down you can work on other areas. No excuses, because THIS IS SPARTA!! Sorry, I couldn’t resist.