Sports in general is filled with symbols depicting determination, speed, power, honor, victory, pride, etc. as teams and brands use images to weave subtle meanings into the minds of the public.  Obstacle racing is no different and OCR companies take full advantage of social media to send visual messages that become iconic symbols of the brand.

To the public and perhaps many OCR participants, Spartan Race & BattleFrog are merely different brands of the same sport.  A bunch of obstacles, lots of running, some mud, timing chips, and finisher medals.  Same thing.  Different names.  However, those more closely involved with the sport recognize the dissimilarities in philosophy and branding from arguably two of the best races in the country.  While there are numerous symbols across the sport, 2 in particular from Spartan Race and BattleFrog have made their way across the Interwebs and provide a fascinating study of contrast:  Spartan Race’s “Wall of Valor” filled with signatures of racers who finish one of their events and BattleFrog’s newly-revealed “Wall of Lost Souls” that contain bands cut from participants who have failed an obstacle.  Intentional or not, both of these symbols speak volumes about their events and their brands.  To me there are both obvious and subtle meanings behind the images above.  Even so, symbols are not always perceived the same universally and may send different messages to different people. What do these symbols mean to you?  What do they represent and what role does each of their messages play in the shaping of the sport?  While my opinion on the matter really isn’t all that important, I would love to hear your thoughts.

P.S. I realize I am just a dork for finding stuff like this interesting.

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