Log carries are back

Ever since the Spartan Beast I’ve lightened up on my training to take care of some nagging injuries.  First it the stress fracture in my foot and then the recurring rotator cuff sprain came back.  I hadn’t worked out extra hard for several weeks and only did what was necessary to prepare for 2 short races, without risking further injury.  This morning at 5:00 a.m., the Honey Badger Crawl made another appearance and it set the tone for the day.  I started my “legs” workout with several rounds of weighted lunges and squats.  I then ventured outdoors into the 42 degree weather to begin acclimating myself to the very probable low temps at the Midwest Spartan Sprint in 2 weeks.  I was just going to to do 30 second hill sprint repeats, but got the idea to add in some Honey Badger Crawls in between every 2 rounds of sprints.  That was just what I needed to pep up.  After 10 rounds of sprints and 4 sets of 75 foot honey badgers, I went back inside to stretch and then add in another 15 minutes of core work.  It felt really good, but it didn’t end there.  After I got home from work, my wife was taking a short run and I walked a visiting neighbor girl friend of my daughter home.  I didn’t just walk her home, though.  I went out back and got my gnarly log and took it with me.  It had been neglected since the Beast, but it got plenty of attention as I lugged it for a mile through the neighborhood…..about half of that I also wore the little girl’s backpack because it was “too heavy” for her to carry!  The Honey Badger and gnarly log are back!!