Let there be hills, creeks, and ravines; Mud, mountains, and dirt.
Let the climbing ropes hang high and the barbed wire hang low.
May we always choose the largest log, the heaviest sandbag, and the steepest ascent.
May the races be difficult, but the training even more so.

Let us know when to boost a fellow competitor and when simply to encourage.
May we always be role models; continually inspiring, never hindering.
Let us be humble when winning and gracious in finishing, for sometimes just completing a course is victory.
Have mercy upon those who run only on roads, for they know not what they miss

Let us relish the bonds formed with each new racing friend.
May our injuries be minor, but the accomplishments be major.
May each race challenge us, but never defeat us.
May we overcome all obstacles in our lives, as well as our races, because THAT IS WHAT WE DO.