Everybody has a plan until….

punched in the faceEverybody has a plan until they get punched in the face“.  Mike Tyson said it and I’m living it.

I had a plan.  A good plan.  The minute I was accepted into the Ultra Beast I started formulating it.  My racing and training schedule for this event was nearly perfect.  I would steadily work on increasing mileage and endurance throughout the season while simultaneously working on leg strength and uphill speed.  The other races on my schedule races would not only serve as training, but as a gauge for what I needed to work on.  If I did things right, my Ultra training would equip me to be very competitive in all the other events.

Then I got punched in the face.  Hard!  It staggered me and exposed a self-doubt that I had been able to squelch to that point.

The punch in the face came in the form of a knee injury, quickly followed by a foot injury.  The plan was shattered.  I couldn’t run.  I couldn’t jump.  Biking and swimming only made it worse.  Although I still “train” 6 days a week, the sessions are different.  I have been limited in what I can do.  To make matters worse, what I need to do the most (running) is the one thing I have not been able to do.  Now my training feels like I am just flailing around..throwing punches blindly, hoping that one or more will land in the right place.  All the while trying to avoid another blow that will take my feet from me and knock me out of the race completely.

The shattered plan has taken a toll mentally.  I’ve said it before, but I’m not the type of athlete who can just “show up” on race day and perform well.  I win, place well, or lose races before the race ever starts.  Any type of success measured in whatever terms you define it is predicated on my training and I feel that the only way I can beat other competitors is to outwork them.

My plan had been to run strong and finish in the upper echelons.  Now I just hope to finish and finish without getting hurt.  Actually, some days I just hope to be able to start.  I won’t be throwing in the towel.  I will continue to dance around long enough to stay in the battle and maybe, just maybe I’ll throw a lucky punch – Buster Douglas style!



  1. That really sucks. What is the injury? I know you had your gait evaluated. Is it IT band? Or is it the stress fracture in your foot that is stopping your running? Have they given you an idea of how long you will be unable to run? It might not be insurmountable, though, if you can heal up in time and rebuild your base although the ultra beast is so soon. Just keep in mind that recovery is the most important thing. There will likely be another ultra beast. Sorry and good luck!

  2. Ugh! I feel your pain. You can’t give more than your best though, and your best is always dependent on circumstances. I hope you’re healed up soon! The way I figure, most of the hard work is behind us… the majority of the training you do now is going to be more for mental well being than actual physical prep.

    It’s not a question of whether you finish, just how long it’s going to take… 😉 In my case, I’m pretty sure if I see those officials coming to pull me off the course I’ll be able to dig deep and out run them to the finish (like my life depends on it- that’s totally my back up plan by the way…)

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