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I got a little reflective this weekend and thought back over the past year.  This is the result of those reflections.  Good and bad, but overall a fine year!

“Least positive” Racing Moments

  • Pulling a hamstring and failing the Tyrolean Traverse in South Carolina
  • Inadvertently carrying the sandbag an extra mile during the Extreme Rampage
  • Losing my shoe in the mud at the Indiana Spartan Sprint
  • Trying to keep from puking in the penthouse after finishing the Lexington Urban Mountain Challenge
  • Shivering uncontrollably at various points during the Spartan Ultra Beast
  • Getting stung by bees during the Ultra Beast

Best Racing Moments

  • Finishing the 28.2 mile Spartan Ultra Beast obstacle race
  • Finishing the final ascent off the mountain at the Spartan Ultra Beast
  • Winning the inaugural Kentucky Stampede
  • Watching my daughter run the Spartan Kids race in Indiana
  • Reading my daughter’s note to me midway through the Spartan Ultra Beast
  • Finishing 4th overall in the Lexington Urban Mountain Challenge

“Least positive” Non-Racing Moments

  • Pulling an all-nighter to retrieve my lost racing gear the night before the Ultra Beast
  • Knee bursitis that plagued me all summer long
  • Ongoing issues and different diagnoses with left foot (sesamoiditis, stress reaction, etc…)
  • Receiving the diagnosis of partially torn left bicep tendon in November
  • Drastic reduction in training due to aforementioned injuries
  • Inability due to injury to race at either of the last 2 Beast races of the year
  • Cancelling 3 races due to injury
  • Hours upon hours in doctor’s offices and physical therapy hoping to be cleared to train and race

Best non-racing moments

  • Interviewed by MattB.DavisRuns
  • Becoming an Ambassador for SimpleBrandz
  • Inception into the Mud Mafia
  • Dinner with Dan & Gretchen Krueger, Jason Moss, & Heather Powell in South Carolina
  • My mom travelling with me to the South Carolina Beast
  • Dinner with Nathan Page, Christopher Brill, & Jeremy White after the Utah Beast
  • Feeling at home in Vermont
  • Reuniting with old friends and meeting new ones at the Indiana Spartan Sprint
  • Reuniting with old friends and meeting new ones at the Vermont Ultra Beast
  • Beginnings of the formation of the “For Those Who Would” charitable foundation

Trivial facts of 2012

  • Ran more miles during races than I did in training due to injuries
  • Saw 2 sports physicians, 4 physical therapists, 2 chiropractors, and an elbow specialist over the course of the year
  • Had 4 X-rays and 3 MRIs