Spartan Ultra Beast GearI’m packed and ready to go.  At least as ready as I’m going to be for what promises to be the most physically and mentally grueling race ever for me.  I expect pain in legs, calves, feet, shoulders, and arms.  I expect moments in which I wonder if I’ll be able to finish.  I expect to help other racers who may be struggling as well.  I expect to be cold.  I expect some self-doubt.  I expect to fall, get back up, fall again, and get back up again.  I expect that to happen multiple times.  I expect to do burpees….lots of them…..probably in the triple digits.  I expect to be out of breath at times.  I expect to be on the mountain for 11+ hours.  I expect leg cramps.  I expect to be cut, scraped, scratched, and bruised.  I expect some bad things to happen.  I expect that I will barely be able to move on Sunday, Monday, …..

However, I also expect an adventure.  I expect to have stories to tell.   I expect to see old racing friends.  I expect to make new friends.  I expect to exhibit mental toughness like I’ve never had to before.  I expect to be thrilled by accomplishment (both my own and by others).  I expect gorgeous views from the top of the mountain.  I expect to be amazed by others’ talent, speed, agility, strength, and endurance.  I expect to amaze myself just a little.  I expect to overcome obstacles that I’ve failed at before.  I expect to bond with other athletes.  I expect grit and determination to the very end.  I expect to finish.  I expect to feel like I never have before when I cross the finish line.

Above all, I expect a race of epic proportions, and with that an epic experience with epic athletes.  Yes, I expect EPICness.  Can I hold up my end of this epic event?  We’ll all know come Saturday night.  Hopefully it will be an epic after-party for me and everyone else.