Learning from 2012

learnedI don’t make New Year’s resolutions.  I never have.  My decisions for change do not correlate with dates on a calendar.  However, I can look back at a preceding year and reflect on what I’ve learned (or not learned) and this year was no exception.


Here are a few crucial things I learned in 2012:

  • When flying to a race, do not check the baggage containing critical racing gear.
  • Massages are great for workout and injury recovery.  Worth the money!
  • I am one of the unfortunate few who have negative buoyancy.  Look it up.
  • Chasing Spartan Race points is stressful.  I’m not doing that this year.  Going to race when and where I want, regardless of how it may affect my overall points standing.
  • Racing non-competitively (I guess technically that is not racing) can be fun….if I’ve run in a competitive heat earlier.
  • I prefer racing in warm weather. Actually I already knew that, but since I’m cold at the moment I thought I would re-list it.
  • Training too intensely too often is a recipe for injury.  Don’t do that!
  • Trying to come back from injuries too soon is counter-productive.  Wastes even more time.
  • The more often I race, the more I enjoy it.  I need to race again soon!

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