Must read OCR blog postsNo hate mail, please.  It’s not scientific. This collection of OCR-related blog posts were submitted mostly by readers (and a few by me) as posts that were exceptionally good according to their own criteria. Some are inspiring. Some are informational. Some are poignant. Some are humorous. They are all good for one reason or another and they aren’t listed in any particular order.  I’m 100% positive that there are deserving posts left of this list simply because I am not aware of them.  Read them all and enjoy. Remember, no hate mail.

SOLO Performance – Ekaterina Solovieva
I’m a woman. I can do pull-ups.

Dirt in Your Skirt – Margaret Schlachter
Help.  I’m new.
Race Day Etiquette: The Unwritten Rules

Filthy Clean Living – Shelley Koenig
Ultra Beast.

Spartan Race Blog – guest post by Michael Mills
Chasing Michael Mills

On My Way To Sparta – Jeff. Cain
The Obstacle Racer’s Prayer

Live the Tough Life – Chris Rutz
I think I found my sport

Ma Spahtens – James Horgan
Why do we Spartan

AdventureRun.Net – Paul Dimarino
The Little Things in Life

Ultra Beast and Beyond – Dave Hamilton
Headed to VT

Raceipsa – Amelia Boone
A racing year in review tippity top

N-Motion Fitness – Jason Moss
What does your lifestyle say about you?

Barb Wire 4 Breakfast – Ang Reynolds
My Spartan Family

Barb Wire 4 Breakfast – Corinne Kohlen
I am not the World’s Toughest Mudder

Legend of the Death Race – Anthony Matesi
Inov-8 X-Talon 212 vs Bare Grip 200: Shoe Face-off

Obstacle – Michael Sandercock
5 Perfect Obstacle Race Exercises

Cornfed Spartans – Maribel
Welcome home

Ultra and Beyond – Robyn Rittis
Volunteer at least once

Running for One – Amy Lawson
Playing in the mud

The MUDMAN Report – Kevin LaPlatney
Spartan Beast, Killington VT, 9/23/12

GTfit – Mikael Evangelista
GTfit Class Session “Spartan Tough”

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Must listen podcast of the year:  MattBDavisRuns
The Big One: Tough Mudder and Spartan Race

Must read magazine article of the year: Outside Online
Playing Dirty

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