Sleep late. Eat out. Read. Lounge on the beach. The list of things that are different on vacation is lengthy Family vacation is crucial for my spiritual and intellectual renewal. It’s a break from routine necessities of life that drain my energies; however, vacation is not a break from training. It is not an excuse to make poor physical and nutritional decisions. Not an excuse!

Vacation is a time to be creative, though. I use vacation to break up my normal routine with something new and completely different. I’m particularly proud of one of my latest vacation training sessions.

Active stretching and foam rolling
1 mile warm-up run offroad to the beach, jumping chain fences & hurdling bike racks along the way
Ten .1 mile interval sprints on the beach. No rest between
Burpees, push-ups, or oblique plank runs at the end of each sprint
1 mile cool-down run back over the bike racks and chains
Short bike ride
Stretching out by the lagoon

Training goes on, but in unique, fun, and energizing ways. #noexcuses