I don’t like easing out of a training session.  Meaning I like to finish wiped, gasping for breath, shaking, or all of the above.  The reward of the aforementioned agony lingers throughout the day as the endorphins catch on to my little game.  My current regular strength training routine that I’ve been in for the last 5 weeks doesn’t leave me that way.  The workouts are hard and grueling, but the last couple of sets are easier than previous ones, leaving me wanting more.  Because of that, and because of preparations for upcoming sprint-type races, I added a new ‘finisher’ to my training.  It’s simple, effective, adjustable, and goes a little something like this:

1 minute of burpees (full chest to the ground, clapping hands up top)
10 second transition
1 minute of jump rope (alternating high knees with straight jumps)
Repeat as many rounds as needed.

I began with 4 rounds, am now at 5 rounds, and will continue to increase 1-2 rounds per week.  When will I top out?  We’ll see.