Kentucky Spartan RaceBy now you may have seen the Facebook posts declaring that a Super Spartan is coming to Kentucky in 2014.  Of all people, I am probably the most thrilled about this announcement because it would be magnificent to add another Spartan Race to my schedule that doesn’t involve boarding an airplane.  Aside from that, I would love to play host to my Spartan racing family.  Joy and jubilation is abounding across the Internet from Kentuckians and speculation has already begun on where the race will be held.  But, wait!  Relax and hold your “Aroos” until later.  We are still a long way from this being a reality.  The announcement of the 2014 Kentucky Spartan Super is merely step 1.  These races aren’t established on a whim.  There must be a tremendous amount of interest (read as thousands of pre-registrations) shown for Spartan to invest the time and money (both of which are substantial) to setup a race in the Bluegrass state.  Spartan gauges this interest through the pre-registrations at this site and without sufficient numbers, it won’t happen.  Let’s make it happen!  Here is what you can do to contribute:

  1. Pre-register
  2. Talk, trick, or guilt your friends into pre-registering and make them do it with you.
  3. Spread the word about pre-registering
  4. Follow for announcements, news, training tips, gear reviews, etc.
  5. Once the race is official, sign up, show up, and don’t give up.