jump rope1 jump rope.  1 smile.  That’s all you need.  Oh, and you’ll need some water.  Definitely water.  You should probably have a towel too.  And bring a can of “Don’t Quit”.

I rarely post anything training related anymore simply because it is done to death.  However, in my pre-racing conditioning phase I somehow discovered my own high intensity workout that is simple and effective and I want to share.  At least I think it is effective at something.  No formal studies have been conducted, but my perception is that is helping me in numerous ways.

So here it is.  100 rope jumps – 10 burpees; 20 sets for time.  There it is…the burpees.  That is what makes this difficult.

If you’re counting, that is 2000 rope jumps and 200 burpees.  Simple, yes, but it is a cardio, shoulder, chest killer and it keeps the heart rate at near max.  You can do it almost anywhere.  For added fun, I use a weighted jump rope and vary my jumps between high knees, double-unders, and speed.  My initial attempt took me 41 minutes and I really wanted to quit after 10 rounds.  Kinda wanted to puke after 12.  Rounds 19 and 20 took what seemed liked hours.  The second time (today), 37 minutes even.  My burpee form has improved immensely.  Cardio endurance appears to be getting better.  So for the next several weeks, this will be my Friday morning training routine with a long term goal of breaking 30 minutes.

Try it some time and don’t forget to smile!