My daughter is an only child. So am I for that matter. That may or may not contribute to her behavior as of late.  She has developed a habit of taking things that she likes from her mom and me and then claiming them for her own. My UK baseball cap. My wife’s new purple shirt. Now she’s done it again with my new Montem camping blanket.

It took her about 10 seconds of snuggling under it during a recent chilly evening when she loudly exclaimed “This is mine now!” I can’t really blame her.  It’s perfect for staying at a comfortable temperature no matter what we’re doing.  Everything from watching all the Rocky movies in our basement to napping on our back deck.

montemThe Montem Sneaky Snuggler Puffy Camping Blanket is one of those items that I would not have thought of purchasing for myself, but now that I have one, I wouldn’t give it up for anything.  That partially explains why my daughter and I have had more than one wrestling match for it and why several times we have ended up on the same side of the sofa sharing it. This despite the fact that we have more than a half dozen other blankets and quilts that we have immediate access to.

It is fairly lightweight and comes with it’s own drawstring pouch, however what I like most about it is that it is warm, but not hot.  It takes about 7 seconds to start feeling the warmth.  I know it is 7 seconds because I counted.

Even better news for you is that the Montem crew is letting me give a blanket away for free It’s easy and you will stand a better than decent chance of winning, so enter the raffle here.

Take the time and enter the raffle.  If you don’t win, let everyone know you want one as a gift or drop the dimes on it yourself. You will love this blanket for camping, picnicking, watching movies from your couch, or playing hide and go seek with a toddler.

PS. I’m using the raffle to gain some additional exposure for For Those Who Would, the charity I co-founded. For Those Who Would was founded by obstacle, adventure, and endurance racers as a way to honor and support those who are physically unable to do the things we often take for granted.

Disclaimer: Montem provided this blanket for me to review, but there was no obligation of a favorable review.  I will not endorse any product that I don’t like or use myself and I (and my family) use this a lot!