medalPlans are underway for the 4th annual OCR Orphan Adventure Mission trip to Monterrey, Mexico.  Sponsored by Back2Back Ministries, this trip combines obstacle racing, camaraderie, and a life-changing experience with severely disadvantaged children and youth.

2019 Trip Information

Team Leader: Jeff Cain

Dates: January 19-25, 2019

Cost: $750 + airfare (book on your own, but contact me first)

Commitment: Signed trip agreement and $250 deposit due by August 31, 2018; Remainder due by October 31, 2018

Precise travel plans will be provided to those who indicate interest in joining us by emailing me at

Each year has been slightly different, but generally here is what you can expect.

  • Sleep in dorm-style rooms inside secure confines of the Back2Back campus
  • Plenty of time before breakfast to train/run
  • Breakfast: self-prepared in the common kitchen dining area
  • Brief educational sessions every morning about caring for children who have experienced trauma
  • 30 minute ‘quiet/reflective’ time every morning
  • 30 minute bible study/sharing session every morning
  • ~4 hours working on projects at the nearby children’s home (painting, light construction, etc.)
  • Serving children lunch every day
  • Dinners vary, but are with the children from the orphanage or the youth from the Monterrey Hope Program
  • 2 or 3 adventure outings with the kids/youth (mountain climbing, bicycle park, etc.)
  • Creating an obstacle course and directing a race for the orphans
  • Daily debriefings
  • Evening workout challenges with youth from the Hope Program
  • The only money you will spend in Mexico will be during travel to/from and souvenirs
  • Opportunity to meet some outstanding people who have dedicated their lives to helping others
  • Change. Expect to change. There is no way to spend a week there with those kids and not come back a better person.

For a better idea of the experience you can read about the 2018 trip, the 2017 trip and the 2016 trip.

If you’re still on the fence about whether to go, watch the video below from and ask me about the trip. I will talk you into it!