A yellow streak flying down a dirt path, darting around rocks and over roots.  That’s what I envision a trailer video for my new trail shoes would look like. Of course, they would probably get someone faster and better looking to star in that trailer.

Salming Trail 6 running review

Salming’s new spring collection is out and there are some gorgeous shoes in the mix.  The yellow with blue trimmed Trail 6 is one of them.  It follows its predecessors with good stability, a comfortable fit, and a mildly aggressive lug pattern. I’ve pronounced my love for the Salming trail shoes in the past and the timing could not have been better.  I was way past due for a new pair….like really past due.  I wore my old Salming trail shoes into the ground…almost literally.

Salming Trail 6 review

In my first real run after Fuego Y Agua, I took to my home trails, which is perfect for a test drive of trail shoes.  Slightly muddy. Hilly. Covered with wet leaves.

Off I went. First down the hill, around the winding and slanted slopes, and then back up the steepest part. Across the narrow stretch of single track that was still littered with debris from the winter. Jump over the fallen tree branch. Make a sharp left turn to have another go.  Repeat.  Repeat again.  Across all planes, the shoes held firm with just the right amount of dig in them for what could be considered fairly normal trail conditions.

Salming shoes

In the days since that first trial, I’ve had them out numerous other times on paths of gravel, mulch, grass, blacktop, and even sand.  There is nothing about them that I dislike.  Except maybe in the beginning I was a little hesitant to run through the mud because they are just so darn pretty.

They were comfortable from the very first time I put them on, so much so that I often forget to take them off my training runs

Three more things I can tell you about them:

  1. They have a nice wide toe box
  2. They are light, but not minimalist
  3. I feel “stable” when wearing them, meaning less chances for IT band issues.
  4. They have a “cool” factor since they aren’t one of the same old brands

I like them.  I really, really like them.

Full disclosure: I became a Salming Ambassador earlier this year. Being a product ambassador is not something that I normally do, but I believe in their shoes so much that I wanted to be able to share them with others.  I would have written the exact same review if I wasn’t an ambassador. Take a look at the Trail 6 and other Salming product offerings and ask me any questions….and then email me for a pretty good discount code.

If you don’t trust my review, then maybe you’ll trust a very similar one from Roadtrailrun.com.