It needed to happen.

Tightening of bolts.

Sealing the leaks.

Ratcheting down some straps.


Debuting on Wed, May 4.

A doubling down on discipline, diet, training, and daily life-impacting habits.

It’s my personal challenge consisting of simple and easy actions, but when combined and followed for 50 straight days with absolutely no deviations — it is a challenge that should change me.

I plan to come out on the other side as a leaner, fitter, healthier, grittier, more focused, more compassionate version of myself.

Why 50 days? ……..I’m turning 50 years old this year.  Sounded about right.

There’s nothing scientific about it.  It’s not a secret. It’s not marketable.  It’s just me doing things that I need to be doing right now.

I can’t really explain how I devised it.  It is simply based on things I’ve done, read, seen, or heard in my past. I’ve borrowed elements and/or philosophies from a number of different programs/books/people including:

Take a peek below if you’re interested.


In order this to be a success, it will require me to do things that I value and respect in others.

  • Early to bed and (very) early to rise.
  • Intentional and thoughtful focus on others.
  • Saying ‘no’ to low value activities.
  • No complaining. No whining. No negativity.
  • Seizing time with family whenever it’s available.

Fifty days.  Fifty days of getting my mind and body right.  Fifty days.