I slept late today as it is my daughter’s birthday and we ALWAYS spend the day together.  Before I took her dress shopping for the traditional and “official” birthday dress, I was able to get my workout in while she played next to me.  Insanity Asylum Vertical Plyo was on docket,  but then I realized that I was supposed to be backing off.  That program is not “backing off”, so I dialed myself down to about 85% intensity and then spent another 15 minutes or so stretching.  Information has been released about the Beast.  I’ve included a snippet below.

From the Race Director:

“I just finished up my last  bit of scouting and this is going to be a tough and nasty course.  I don’t usually use those two words together but this time is the exception.  Those racing early might be the lucky ones doing all the work breaking through grass and vegetation sometimes as tall as your chest.  (Watch your foot placement as there are plenty of hidden holes out there).  Lots of bushwhacking, utilization of existing mountain bike and hiking trails, and some dirt roads.  There will be swimming (~100 yards).  We’ll have 5 aid stations on the course with ONLY water.  If I were racing I would definitely consider carrying hydration and fuel (i.e. gels, bar, etc) as many of you will be out there for 4+ hours and you will definitely suffer without getting some calories.  Also, I’m not going to go overboard marking this course like I do with the shorter races.  If you pay attention, you will be fine.  Don’t blindly follow the herd in front of you and keep your eye out for turns, arrows, and the ribbons.  This is the BEAST, we aren’t going to hold your hand through this course so show up prepared.  And as always, be ready to have a blast getting your butt kicked and making some memories.”

Just in case you didn’t pick them out, there are some key words in that paragraph.  Let me repeat them for you. 

  1. “tough and nasty course”
  2. “vegetation sometimes as tall as your chest”
  3. “definitely suffer”
  4. “This is the BEAST”
  5. “we aren’t going to hold your hand”
  6. “getting your butt kicked”

Sounds like a great time, huh??!!!