Each day now takes on greater significance as the day of reckoning draws nearer, nearer, ever so much nearer.  The good and the bad is that I’ve gotten as strong and as fast as I’m going to be for the Beast.  I’ve officially started tapering off.  I went through the Tony Horton One-on-One-on-One Leg workout this morning.  During the brief pauses, I pumped out some quick pull-ups just to keep my strength functional.  30 Jeffees and 15 minutes of core completed the workout.  See, I told you it was getting lighter.

The rest of the week, my workouts are going to be normal and even on the light side by the end of the week.  I paced things so that my recovery week would fall right before the Beast.  I’ll be concentrating on some short speed workouts, maintaining functional strength, and stretching.   This week I’m less concerned about exercise and more focused on rest and nutrition.  M desire is to go into the race in peak condition.  So that means that I need sleep rather than getting up at 4:15.  It means that I will be stretching everyday to be as limber as possible.  It means that all the little aches, pains, micr-tears, etc… need to heal.   It means that my strict diet becomes even more meticulous as I have completely eliminated dairy products and all my carbs are low glycemic.  It means that Iwill drink plenty of water to reduce chances of dehydration and cramping.  It means that I have to start mentally focusing for this challenge ahead of me.  It means! It means!  It means!  It means!  It means that I’m becoming more anxious by the minute!