Pak-pullingObstacle racers form a diverse community.  We are diverse in age, race, athletic background, geographical upbringing, etc. and  in our approach to life.  It’s sometimes hard to explain to others, but years of being around obstacle racing has taught me a lot…most of the lessons have been good ones.


  1. Our fun sometimes looks a little different than everyone else’s.
  2. Resilience is not extraordinary.  It is a common trait possessed by anyone who chooses to use it.
  3. If we don’t make fun of ourselves, someone else will do it for us.
  4. Providing help to each other is more satisfying than any fitness-related PR.
  5. Discipline is inherent to success.
  6. Narcissism isn’t pretty.  Turning away from narcissism is.
  7. Athletic, fun, & crazy comes in many languages.
  8. Some of us like racing in the cold.  Zero likes hypothermia.
  9. There are a number of roads to physical success. Each of us should take the path we enjoy the most.
  10. Failure is just an indicator that more practice is necessary.
  11. Obstacle racing is great.  Watching your kids race is heart-melting.
  12. When you think you’ve done enough, it’s time to think about what more you can do.

What did I miss?