2015 must readBattling my demons: Learning to ignore the numbersThere was a dramatic rise in the number and quality of online articles pertaining to OCR in 2015.  The sporby  (sport + hobby) continued to grow and with it came a number of stories, controversies, and inspirations.  Below is a list of articles that people within the OCR community feel are a must-read. Note that this does not necessarily equate to most popular or best, but rather a diverse, year-end collection.  A handful of these are editor selections, but most of them were nominated by readers/racers across the world.  NUMEROUS outstanding articles did not make it on here, but there are limits to everything – including this list.  The articles below are enlightening, informative, controversial, heart-warming, inspiring, funny, thought-provoking, or some other adjective describing something you might like to read.  You don’t necessarily have to agree with every post.  I don’t.  Not every post is for every reader, but there is something for everyone; from newbies to veterans, males to females, and weekend warriors to elites.  Do not try to interpret the order in which they are listed.  It was random. Enjoy!

MythBusters: OCR Edition, The Runner’s Course
Mud Run Guide: Brakken Kraker

Why the World’s Toughest Mudder Community is the Best in OCR
Mud Run Guide: Matty Gregg

The Death of Obstacle Course Racing
Inov-8: David Hellard

Sassy Cats – The Fitness Addition
Blue Highways: McCauley Kraker

The “Sport” of OCR: What is Obstacle Racing? (Part 1 of 3)
Race Sherpa OCR: Tim Sinnett

An Open Letter to Amelia Boone
Obstacle Racing Media: Keith Allen

We Need to Lighten Up a Bit
OCR Europe: Francesca Chiorando Meredith

The 7-Step Plan to Financial Success in OCR
Obstacle Racing Media: McCauley Kraker

The Good in Everyone
On My Way To Sparta: Jeff Cain

The 50 Most Inspirational WOMEN in Obstacle Racing
SOLO: Ekaterina

State of the Industry
Obstacle Racing Media: Matt B. Davis

The Dark Side of OCR: When Hobby Turns Obsession
Dirt In Your Skirt: Margaret Schlachter

United We Stand, Divided We Fall: The OCR Paradox
Muddy Mommy: Holly Joy Berkey

Jesse Bruce Honored as the For Those Who Would OCR Humanitarian of 2015
Mud Run Guide: Margaret Schlacther

A Spartan’s Guide to Going Home for the Holidays
Obstacle Racing Media: Dave Kalal

Community, Fringe Sports, Acquaintanceship Density, and OCR: What the Heck?!
Mud Run Guide: Jeff Cain

Lessons Still Not Learned: Why people don’t really care what you think
The Truth is…There is No Box: John Wall

Spartan Race TV Show: A Response to a Response
Mud Run Guide: Evan Perperis

Get Out of the Gym and Become a Better Obstacle Racer
Mudgear: Kevin LaPlatney

Battling my demons: Learning to ignore the numbers
Muddy Mommy: Holly Joy Berkey

There’s Something in the Water
Obstacle Race Magazine: Chris Boardman

Transformation Tuesday
American Heavyweight

Cramp 101
Obstacle Race Magazine: Carl Wibberly

Why are obstacle races so effing expensive?
Garfield Griffiths

In case you want a historical perspective or are just plain curious, here are the must-read articles from 2012, 2013, and 2014.