What I appreciate about

BROCRSchapBROCR is…well, BROCR.  Like a Spartan spear made from Seinfeld jokes, 70’s era mustaches, and bald eagle feathers, they are special.  BROCR has the most moderately successful OCR web series in the world, and also produces some of the okayest videos and content in the sport. [Editor’s Note: BROCR actually downplays their contributions and these slighted comments are made purely to mirror their personality.]

What I appreciate about BROCR is that they can poke fun at themselves and others in a way that is actually humorous – not degrading.  In a society that seems to revel off ridiculing others to obtain laughs, the guys (and gal) at BROCR stay on the high road.  They may occasionally venture across the line into dorkiness (written by the king of dorks right here), but they never cross into character assassinations.

In addition, they are good guys (and a gal) – plain and simple – financially giving back to the community.  BROCR is a loyal supporter and partner of the OCR charity, For Those Who Would, even taking extreme measures with beards and haircuts to raise money on their behalf.  Who can forget #NoShaveNovember!

If that’s not enough to make you adore them, then I’ll leave you with this final statement. They are serious about our sport and athletes, but simultaneously realize that all we’re really doing is just running through mud and playing on elaborate monkey bars.