When does it pay to be older than 40?  When you get invited to be interviewed with 2 other “older than 40” Spartan Racers on  the MattBDavisRuns podcast series.  I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity and listening to the perspectives of 2 other competitive athletes in my sport.  The best thing is that I didn’t say anything to embarrass myself.

I loved Matt’s description of the show:
“Christopher Rutz and Shane Mckay are numbers 2 and 4 in the Spartan points series.  Jeff Cain is number 25 with only 3 races recorded this year to date. (and sure to break top 10 with his 4th race)  These dudes are over 130 years old combined.  Take that skinny 17 year old who runs with no shirt!  As a 40 year old myself, I look forward to talking to these men and learning how the hell they stay in shape, stay motiviated, and find time to have careers, families, and write blogs.  We will talk about training, diet, and, if I am in a good mood, fashion.”

You can listen to the recording here.